I ran out of ideas again, :( sorry folks.  This is a super simple lace stripe across a pink base, that’s all I could muster up.  :(  Yes, it’s not a sticker or a decal, I hand drew this on with a tiny brush.
167bLacquers used:
OPI Pink of Hearts
OPI Black Onyx

Paint My Nails?

No nail art today folks, I just wanted to share this pic of my baby asking for a paint job LOL <3
IMG_5449Her name is Elizabeth btw, & that is a bottle of OPI’s Care to Danse?


Hey everyone, how was your weekend?  So I’m finally taking a break from green polish & switching to a bit of blue.  I started with the white base & sponged on the blue, before adding a sprinkle of glitter (which was a gift from a dear friend & fellow lacquerhead, thanks Sharon!) & finally adding the dots.

It’s my first time working with loose glitter so as always, it was gritty blue carnage on my table & most of the glitter went where I didn’t want it to, or didn’t stick properly.  Sigh.  Need to experiment a smidgen more.
167aLacquers used:
OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls (white)
Zoya Rocky (blue)
Essence 01 Jacob’s Protection (dark blue)
with blue glitter

Greenish Part 3: Tracks

Watch out for falling foliage!   Enjoy your Friday everyone.
108aLacquers used:
XL Jumbo Plate ​#YH807
OPI Mermaid’s Tears (green)
OPI Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow (green)

Green-ish Part 1: Circle Division

I’m not quite ready to let go of my green theme just yet, so here’s a textured mani with more green.  :D
164aLacquers used:
OPI Amazon… Amazoff (green)
Skin Food Queen’s Baking AGR01 Pistachio
Skin Food Sugar Nail ASG05 Sugar Mint
Skin Food Starry Night AGL11 (green glitter)

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!